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Pet Portraits Galore....

I hope everyone has been keeping safe and well during these difficult times. I would like to say I am still working as normal, pet portraits are being shipped still, and pet portrait commissions are being accepted. I feel very fortunate to be a pet portrait artist at this time as not only can I still work I can also do the majority of my work at home.

I have also tried to use lockdown to help others. I am offering small instructional videos on how I create my pet portraits on facebook including a live draw of a fox. The third session should be scheduled sometime this week. Hopefully Wednesday. I know it is a difficult time for many people and I hope this can go a little way to helping others.

I have had my head down working my way through my current commission list. Recently I finished a dog portrait of a gorgeous border collie called Bailey. He was completed in pastels and was a delight to draw from beginning to end. He has the most beautiful eyes you could just dive right into! Dog portraits are by far my most popular commission, but I am more than happy to paint any pet you love and hold dear. I do have a few cat portraits and horse portraits coming up, including the horse portrait I am working on in coloured pencil at the moment. I believe I mentioned that I would like to move this website over to showing mainly my coloured pencil pet portraits, but my portfolio is very limited at the moment. In order to get more commissions, when I have time, I am concentrating on some example pieces to I can increase my portfolio examples. As I don't have much to show you yet and I didn't want you to think I had disappeared I thought I would show you Baileys painting.

Don't forget to pop over to my facebook page where you can watch some of my video's I have there showing recent pet paintings being created.

Border collie dog portrait of the gorgeous Bailey created with pastel pencils and panpastels
Bailey, dog portraits in pastel

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