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Pet Portraits in Coloured Pencil

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I am not sure if I touched the fact I am venturing into the world of coloured pencils or not.

It has been something I have been mulling over for months, maybe years. I have been following some amazing coloured penciled artists who have been inspiring me and I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go.

I am loving and hating them in equal measure. I can see their potential and I am achieving partially in some work and not so much in other work. I think the biggest thing with them is they take longer to get to the non ugly stage. It is a slower process than my pastel pet portraits. However when you get there and it falls into place the result is so worth it.

Getting my head round the jump from pastels to pencils is a tricky one. You work in an opposite way. Pastels tend to be dark to light and coloured pencils light to dark. This can be tricky for the brain when you are jumping between mediums.

One of the factors that had me procrastinating for so long is the layering of light over dark and the fact it seemed impossible with coloured pencils. However I learnt that it is possible on pastelmat paper. Result. I use that all the time anyway. It does pose other chellenges though. The fact that pastelmat has to have many layers before you lose the grain. However the end result is worth it. In fact I am liking a bit showing through. The texture is quite pleasing. Not too much, though. It doesn't work. Not to my eye anyway.

Below is the first pet portrait commission I completed in coloured pencil. The beautiful Scotch

Dog portraits in coloured pencil. Scotch the French bulldog portrait. 10x8 inches on white pastelmat
Scotch, French Bulldog portrait in coloured pencil

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