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Last Pet Portrait Finished 

For Christmas. I can't believe it. It has been a long time I have finished Christmas commissions this early. Not that work will stop as I have dog portraits to getting on with for very early in the New Year and also a horse portrait that I couldn't quite fit in before Christmas but my client wanted something to show her daughter who it currently travelling. I never really stop, but the pastels and my hand will be resting this weekend, apart from packing. I need this break. It will be my first weekend off since Purbeck in September. Even though it won't be a full weekend off I need a break from painting pet portraits before I return next week. I so need to recharge my batteries.

Recently Completed Pet Portraits

Due to the fact I have been so busy I haven't had the time to write many blog posts, however I will show you some of my recently evicted easel dwellers!

First up is this gorgeous cocker spaniel, Luke. He reminds me of my friends gorgeous cocker spaniel George. I love cocker spaniels, spaniels full stop. He was photographed sitting in a living room so I changed the background for me client and he is over the moon with the result. I opted for some simplicity in it so as not to distract from him, but added the grass below him to ground him.

Bailey, Border Terrier Dog Portrait.

This handsome boy was so much fun to paint. Different to my usual pet portrait backgrounds as instead of the usual fields and trees I had the brick work surrounding their log burner. As you know I love a challenge and this proved to be a fun one for me as it so different.

The owners are delighted and he will be off to his forever home next week

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