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Cat Pet Portraits


Thank you for visiting my cat pet portrait gallery. As with most of my traditional pet portraits the cat portraits you will view here are painted in pastels, my preferred medium, although I am happy to use any medium for my pet paintings. Here you can browse my cat portraits past and present. I think it is safe to say, rather than them being mans best friend, we are owned by our feline companions! I know I am owned by my Murray! Cats are beautiful creatures, and I would be delighted to paint yours. I more often asked to dog portraits and I think it is such a shame as I love cats and I would be delighted to paint yours as either the perfect gift to a family member or even yourself!

I would be delighted to work with you to create your ideal cat portrait. I offer sizes from 10x8 inches upward. Prices and sizes can be found here. As a rough guide a 10x8 inch portrait is suitable for a head and shoulders and larger sizes are better for group portraits or cat portraits with a detailed background. Please drop me an email for any further information and view the gallery below to get an idea of my previous commissions. The thumbnails can be clicked to view a larger image.

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