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Jolly Splashes Pet Portraits

Welcome to my Jolly Splashes part of my website. Here you can find out about my new venture in pet portraits. A completely different style to anything I have ever painted before. These are pet portraits from photos just like my pastel pet portraits, but with a twist. A contemporary spin on the usual style.

In 2016 I felt I needed to branch out. I could never move away from my beloved pastels, but I also found it impossible to change my style with them. Far too many years work in the same way!

I couldn't decide which medium to use. Not acrylics, but I may now give them ago again very soon. Graphite pencil, I feel doesn't lend itself to the style I thought I wanted to achieve. Pastels as I said were a no, no. That left watercolours and inks. They can behave in very similar ways, almost at times taking on a mind of their own. You can have a rough idea how something may turn out, but never be 100% sure. You can control this medium, but I prefer to let it take on it's own mind. This in turn can lead to some wonderful textures and blends. Sometimes of course it can go totally wrong. But that is part of the fun. Letting go, not trying to control every last detail! 

I have to say it has taken some practice and I do still try and keep some control. I guess the black outlines and details I add after show this. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to leave it off. However for now, this is Jolly Splashes, modern pet portraits, perfect if you are looking for a more contemporary look.

Originally Jolly Splashes started off as mainly wildlife paintings on watercolour paper. As I grew more confident I started offering them as pet portraits, and I definitely think my style has evolved as the years have gone on. I also made another exciting discovery. You can paint with watercolours on canvas. This was amazing as it further enhanced the modern pet portrait look I wanted. Paintings on deep edge canvas that is unframed is a very contemporary look that suits the bright and vibrant Jolly Splashes style. So I can offer pet portraits on traditional watercolour paper or the more modern pet portraits on deep edge canvas.I do offer a framing service and if you would like more information on that please let me know. I suggest a contemporary frame to keep the modern pet portrait look All my Jolly Splashes prices can be found here.

IMG_3854 - adjusted.jpg

All my Jolly Splashes portraits and wildlife paintings can be purchased as prints, there will be a shop uploaded soon. Please free in the meantime to contact me about anything you see that you might like.

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