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New Blog..... 

As the title suggests really. I noticed with the old blog images of all my pet portraits I had uploaded were appearing as thumbnails, but only on the phone. I couldn't see an explanation as to why and I really thought I needed to address it as if you are considering a pet portrait commission you really want to be able to see my work properly don't you?! Not a great advert for pet paintings if you can't see them!

After a mooch round Wix suggested I upgrade to their new blog app, easy job and hey presto, full size images of my pet portraits! Just to prove the point you can see for yourself with a pet portrait commission I painted earlier this year.

This is Bundy and Breaker, two Australian Cattle Dogs, my first ever commission for this breed so I was very excited to accept it. As it turns out is has earnt me another commission of the same breed!

I'd love to add lots more breeds to my dog portraits collection. I have painted most of the common ones and some of the not so common. Two breeds I would love to get the opportunity to paint are the Borzoi and Saluki. I love sight hounds and I have painted many a lurcher, greyhound and whippet, but I need to add these to my portfolio. There are many other breeds, but these are the two that spring to mind.

Same with horse portraits, I'd love to be commissioned to paint an Arab or shire horse, one day maybe. If you know someone who has one of these breeds perhaps you could hint and po8 t them my way!

Tomorrow will be back to the drawing board. Lots of dog portraits to be getting on with. Don't leave it too long as Christmas slots are going now too!

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