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Luna and Other Work

So I will be updating the blog on the giant jolly splashes dog portrait tomorrow or as soon as I can get the photos of my camera. I took the canvas outside today and photographed it, but when it came to downloading them I realised my daft dog Maggie had chewed the cable. Good old amazon has a new one on the way to me tomorrow!

So in the meantime I thought I would share my latest pet portrait completed. This is the gorgeous Luna. It is a portrait for my clients son for Christmas. I painted her two spaniels earlier on in the year. Luna was just sitting in a garden so we decide like her spaniels we would change the background. After somenimming and ahhing we settled on a poppy field. I thought the red would go so well against her white fur. I thought yellow flowers would be too pale. The other option was bluebells. But the poppies won. I added an over cast sky as her photo I used as reference wasn't taken in sunlight so this keeps it truer to life.

I am yet to scan it, but the time being here is a phone snap of Luna's portrait. I have a load of scanning to do tomorrow so I will replace this photo with the scanned image then.

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