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Helping Good Causes... 

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

something I love to do whenever I am able. One charity that I work very closely with is Mind the mental health charity.

I have suffered depression and anxiety since a very young age it is obviously something very close to my heart. I have used Minds services for many years on and off so when the opportunity came up to work with them I was delighted.

A few years ago they opened a shop in Gravesend called Made In Kent. It is a beautiful shop full of handmade gifts made by local artists and artisans. If you are ever down that way it is really worth a visit and it is full of beautiful gift ideas. I regularly send a selection of my wildlife prints down there. Both Jolly Splashes and pastel work. Below you can see part of my latest shipment down there.

Sorry it isn't the best photograph, but as I finish all my pet portraits and wildlife galleries over the next few weeks you will be able to see better quality images of them all. Or even better, make a trip to Gravesend and see them in the flash and maybe make a purchase!

I am planning some more wildlife piece and will obviously share them here when I start them. Some will be on pastel and others Jolly Splashes. Don't forget I don't just accept commissions for pet portraits I will paint you the wildlife piece you have always dreamed of too!

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