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Stuff.......and Pet Portraits!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I think the title of this blog post says it all? Maybe! I really didn't know what to title it if I am perfectly honest. Last week seemed to be another one of those weeks where I stumbled form problem to problem. This year has been a bit like that if I look back on it! Hey ho, they go like that sometimes.

First thing, my son went down with a nasty bug, that wiped out two days of my week, he slept a lot of the time, but you know what it is like when they are poorly, it's so rubbish for them and when they are still young they need their Mum. I would actually still call my Mum if I was ill and she was still alive. Perhaps it never really changes.

Then Maggie tried to poison herself by eating some raisins my friends baby dropped. That involved a rather expensive trip to the vets with them having to make her sick. Seems like she has been lucky - touch wood. Just got to have some bloods to check her kidneys are clear. And well, then there were my blood results. Got to have another set to try and pin down what is wrong with me. So whilst the weekend started well with the pet portrait commissions, it stalled in the later half. Just shows how quickly things can change and just when you think you are getting ahead with your order book you can get behind again! Still I wouldn't change being a pet portrait artist for anything in the world. I LOVE my job!

I did however manage to get some pet paintings done. Baiza and Morton were finished and I got them framed.. I need to download the photos off my phone and upload them. I also managed to get a horse portrait done. I have another one coming up soon. I am so delighted to be getting back to the horse portraits. It's been quiet with them this year. I tidied up his mane and brought his ears forward. The beauty of having a pet portrait done over photographs!

I have also been working on some modern pet portraits too. Mainly some minature ones I haven't scanned them in yet, but I will do when I have finished the last two, just so I can scan all in one hit! My scanners are from the jurrassic era it feels like sometimes. Stand by for these modern pet portraits over the next few days!

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