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What's been occurring with pet portraits this week.....

...... This week has been pretty much focused on one portrait in particular. Back to my traditional pastels as opposed to the modern pet portraits, apart from Dingo. When did I paint him? I actually can't remember whether it was this week or last week. That is how time is going for me at the moment. A complete blur. The only way I am keeping slight track of it is by my regular nordic walks around the Kent countryside which add a little routine tomy week! It's going to get even worse soon as the sprogs are going to be off for the summer holidays and then all the days will really merge into one. Weekends, what weekends Hahaha. Surely I can't be the only one that feels that way? 

Apologies I have digressed slightly. I was talking about what's been on my easel this week. It has been a rather large horse portrait with a human portrait in it too!! Eeek people...... I am not so confident with them. Skin is much harder to draw than fur. I successfully painted two children last year with their dog, so having done one the confidence wasn't quite as low as it good be. Anyway to cut a long story short both myself and my client are delighted with how she turned out, oh and with the horse portrait too. 

This is not the first time I have painted this horses portrait. I had the pleasure of painting him late last year. Sadly Cruz has passed on and my client wanted to get another portrait for his owner to remember him by. A beautiful bay horse. It has been quiet on the horse portraits this year, so it is nice to get back to some equine art! 

Here is the finished portrait. Just a matter of signing and framing over the weekend. Hope you like him as much as I enjoyed painting his portrait. 

Here is the finished horse portrait, see if you can spot the deliberate addition! 

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