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Surpise, Surprise and a Double Dog Portrait

Well today has been made up of two surprises. First one is my best friend has been stuck in Bedfordshire and I have been missing her like mad. Long story, but I wasn't expecting her home until early next week, but she surprised me this afternoon by turning up outside my house. I'd like to say it was a complete surprise, but my dogs gave it away. Yes, those rascals. Maggie did her desperate bark when she heard her turn up outside the gate and Luke who always pokes his head through the cat flap and barks at everyone and everything just wagged his tail. I knew it had to be her as everyone else had just gone out, or they use the front door! It was so lovely to see her again. I miss her, her daughter and my third dog George when they are away!

The second surprise is my Husband is actually watching a program the kids and I have recommended! Stranger Things! Yes we have finally dragged him away from the news every night and he is watching Stranger Things. He may well not get past the first episode, but he would be a fool not too! We are massive fans in this house! Are you? Do you think Hopper really died or is he 'The American'??

Anyway back to the pet portraits! I have been busy with a double dog portrait this week. It has taken a little longer as I had to work from two references for one of the dogs, tweak lighting on the dogs ans various other tricky things. That combining the usual kid stuff over the holidays and not really feeling 100%. Battling a bit of anxiety. If you have read my previous blogs you may know I suffer with this unfortunately. I talk about it when and where I can to raise awareness. I think it is vital people talk about mental health. Anyway, I finished this pet painting today and I have to say I am very pleased with how it turned out. It definitely went through a very ugly stage so I didn't bother with any progress shots. You are just going to get finished portrait!

I'd love to know what you think of these handsome duo. It has been all about the dogs recently and particularly the labs, but this is set to change as we are making a return to the horse portraits this weekend! I can't wait.

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