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Summer Holiday Madness...

Yes that's right. If you are a parent of a school age child, you will appreciate exactly what I mean. Keeping your children entertained for 6 weeks is a task and a half. Particularly when every August the weather seems to turn to crap! I wanted to say a stronger word than that, but I shall refrain myself. Making it even harder is the fact we aren't going away for a holiday this year, so we truly are battling for the full holiday.

I make it sound like I don't like having them off, I do, I really do. I adore my kids, just 6 weeks is a long time, particularly when you are working for yourself and trying to juggle that.

I have still been busy with the pet portraits, do not fear, I just felt something had to give somewhere so my blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat for the time being. So has work on the website. I still have a few aspects on how to order a pet portrait commission and other bits to finish. Media to add and a complete check over of the site. I also want to work out the shop! One thing at a time though. Hopefully the basics are there and you can always email me your query.

The most recent pet portrait painting I have finished is of the absolutely stunning Rohan. The gorgeous horse portrait was an absolute delight to paint. The reference photo supplied by my client was lovely. It did need a bit of tweaking in photoshop, but as reference photos go it was a good one. I can get some really bad ones! They only amendment or tweak to made to this pet painting was the removal of the head collar. even that was smart enough to have stayed on as it was a leather one, but my client wanted it removed, so I did.

His pose was lovely and you are almost looking up at him so I decided the background should hint at it being sky, I didn't want to add very defined clouds as I didn't want anything to detract from him, so I painted them in a very subtle style and I am delighted with how the overall piece has turned out. Let me know what you think of the portrait. I would love to hear.

Bookings for pet portraits are starting for Christmas so don't delay if you want to arrange that perfect gift for a loved one.

I have been busy with other bits and piece too. I have been getting ready for another delivery to Made In Kent. They have managed to sell most of my prints and placed a big order for framed and mounted prints. Both a mixture of my Jolly Splashes watercolours and my wildlife work. It is a wonderful shop and the money they raise goes to help the charity Mind. One very close to my heart having battled anxiety and depression on and off for many, many years. It feels good to be giving back.

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