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Small Break

I am sorry for not updating anyone recently. I had the funeral of a very good friend on Friday and obviously I have taken a little time out for the grieving process. I had thought it would hit me as hard as it did, but Friday was a very emotional day and I have taken the weekend off to take some time to reflect on the beautiful friend I have lost.

As a result you can imagine work on the pet portraits has taken a bit of a back seat the last few days, but I am pleased to report I have been busy on my latest pet portrait commissions today. It I am still rather emotionally drained and will be having another early night, but I just wanted to check in and say hi.

It's has been all about the horse portraits this last week since I finished Betsy's pet portrait. Don't forget you can view her dog portraits and others here.

Georges portrait is pastel and is a larger one measuring 16x12 inches, the portrait of Shannon is smaller at 12x10 inches, but is also a pastel pet portrait. I have some progress shots, but I will share them on a new blog when I have finished them. They are mainly showing the ugly stages of the progress of a portrait, hopefully other artists will fin it reassuring to see that all paintings go through this ugly stage. I still struggle with it a bit myself, but I know if I push through it 9 times out of 10 they will turn out fine.

I have also completed a Jolly Splashes pet portrait over the weekend which I also need to scan to share with you. I have another little one all sketched out ready to go. It easier to go and scan a few at once rather than individually as my deskstop is a bit of a dinosaur and it can take an age, so I would rather get a few done in one go! Being it is in my daughters room I can spend my time waiting clearing her tip of a room up! Maybe......

So look out for the new pet portraits that are coming up this week and don't forget to rop me an email if you have an enquiry.

Here is a pet portrait from earlier in the year as I can't have a blog without one on!

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