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Ruby, Doberman Pastel Dog portrait 14x11 inches.

I am looking forward to doing this blog post over on this site. I have written about many pet portraits on my other blog, and this blog isn't going to be hugely disimilar to those posts.

I will be writing about how we came up with the compositions and the idea for this portrait of Ruby. I might share some hints and tips and other bits and pieces and you will get an insight on how I paint my dog portraits, and other animal subjects.

This is only really to get the post underway and more detail, photos, which are on my other laptop will be added over the coming days, so please do check back to see how Ruby is progressing. I really can't wait to get my teeth into this painting as it will another pet portrait with bluebells as the background. I think it all stems from the little fox painting I did in the bluebells, Amber. I have a double dog portrait and a cat portrait to add to the paintings of bluebells, so Ruby is the 3rd domestic animal painting in bluebells and Amber is one of two, I have plans for more!

Anyway, more to follow tomorrow. In the meantime here is Amber's portrait!

Amber, beautiful fox portrait with bluebells in the background

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