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Jolly Splashes Dog Portraits

It has been a hectic few days, in fact it was an itty bitty week, but this coming week, after tomorrow should be much better for focusing on the pet portraits. would be surprised how much time can be spent doing other things and not pet paintings! Admin, framing, enquiries and unfortunately housework and boring stuff like that!

Anyway, I digress, I did manage to finish Coco's portrait this week as you already know if you read my last blog post, and she is now framed and will be posted tomorrow. I also managed to paint two Jolly Splashes portraits, Pepper and Tilly. They will be off to their new home to join theirs sisters dog portrait Bella.

I had previously painted Bella in pastels and my client saw the |Rainbow watercolour style and decided to get her dogs painted in this style too. I feel they have a very contemporary look about them and try to keep that consistent through to framing by choosing a modern white frame to match the portraits. I will upload a photo of them framed when I have done it. I think it is very important to consider the framing very carefully, as it is as almost as important as the pet portraits themselves. Also don't forget I can paint these Jolly Splashes paintings on deep edge canvas too!

Below you can see the scans of Pepper and Tilly's portraits. I sued similar colours to Bella's as they will be next to each other and I wanted to keep the theme. With the Jolly Splashes portraits you can either pick your colours or I can choose them for you. I often let the colours in the dog, horse or cat help me decide on the rainbow colours. All three of these dogs had ginger markings so it seemed appropriate to use the oranges and then shadows and darker areas as magenta and purples. Black dogs I tend to use a selection of purples, blues, dark greens and magenta. It doesn't mean I have to stick to those, so if you had something specific in mind please let me know when you contact me.

Above are Tilly and Pepper and below you can see Bella's portrait and how I matched the colours.

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