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Pet Portraits Crossroads

I reach these so crossroads one a week, maybe 10 days. It is basically where I have finished all my current pet portrait commissions and I am inbetween packing ones to go out, sketching out new ones, working out compositions and deciding where to go next. Thrown into the mix at these crossroads I need to tidy my studio enough to see me through to Christmas as I won't get a chance between now and then with all my commissions I have. It is getting crazy as it always does at this time of year. It is where I hang on with a wing and a prayer to my sanity, prepare to have no sleep and hope the kids don't bring back a bug in an attempt to get all the pet portraits done in time to make peoples Christmas all over the UK.

Anyway I find these itty bitty days hard to focus as I have no real set goal in mind. So I am going to have to really try and make sure I don't waste my day Googling all the art materials I want, daydreaming about the big Rugby World cup semi final on tomorrow between England and the All Blacks and eating biscuits all day. Yes days like today are dangerous haha!

Next up I think I will plan out my next Jolly Splashes pet portrait. It is going to be a tricky one, the dogs on a giant canvas. 40x30 inches. My client wants very specific colours. Those that match her wedding dress. I think it may take a few smaller pet paintings to get it right before I put paint on canvas. I like to work like this for the larger ones. It is not good to waste any of my materials, but a canvas that size is not cheap to muck up, especially when I need to put at least 3 coats of a special watercolour ground on it! Anyway check back for the small version of the pet portrait, I will be sure to share on here.

Just so you know I have been painting pet portraits this week, here is one of them. Joe in the snow! 10x8 inches, pastels on pastelmat

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