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Pet Portrait Madness....

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

That is what it feels like! It.s been a while since the last blog post hasn't it! That is how crazy things have been here in Sarah's Pet Portraits Studios the last 10 days or so. Since I posted about Erin's dog portrait. Phew.

Wellington's Dog Portrait

What has been done in that time? A couple of pet portraits have been completed. The first one was Wellington the black labrador dog portrait. A handsome boy who didn't have the most amazing reference photograph, but not the worst I have worked from.

It was decided the background definitely needed changing, it was an ugly dark background so I decided to change it to a cheerful summerish scene, with blue sky and trees. Overall despite the difficult reference I am pleased with how his portrait turned out. I will reiterate that essentially I can only paint what I see and the better the photograph the better your pet portrait has the potential to be. Of course I do understand this is not always possible if your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge and will always endeavour to work with you.

Here is the handsome Wellington.

Dog portrait of a black labrador called Wellington in front of blue skies and trees

You can see I have added blues and purples to his shiny coat, it really makes the black pop, you would think that black couldn't do that and it would be flat, but that is definitely not the case!

Ike, Dog Portrait

Ike was the next beautiful pet painting to adorn my easel over the last week. I have completed two previous horse portraits for this client. One you can read more about in this blog. Sheila and Cruz. It made a change to work on a dog painting for my clinet, but I relished the challenge as this gentleman has swathes of gorgeous long fur.

We didn't change much from the reference photo apart from the blanket he was lying on. It was a horrible patterned thing which just distracted from him. I decided to change it to a dark floor, or the impression of a dark floor. It will work fabulously with the frame. I will add some photos of the frame once framed, Here is the completed portrait.

And The Next Pet Portrait......Marmo

It is all about the dog portraits, often is. I mostly get dogs to paint followed by horses and cats. Would love more of the latter two, but I guess they say dogs are man's best friend for a good reason!

So next up amongst all the pastel dust, dwelling on my easel was Marmo the Border collie. What a beautiful dog he is. I had some lovely reference photos to base his pet painting on, but the backgrounds weren't the best. One was lovely with the snowflakes on him, but he was sat on the door step. I found a lovely snowy background scene to go with his portrait and my client agreed. I don't really paint snow so it has been lots fun recreating it. I used pinks, blues and purples as well as the obvious whites to paint it.

Marmo's pet portrait isn't going to be framed so unfortutately I don't get to see him framed, although I will ask my client to send me a photo so hopefully I will eventually!

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