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Pet Portrait Artists Don't Just Paint 

There are so many other bits that go with the job. Unfortunately it's not all painting. As much as it would be lovely being a pet portrait artist is actually about 30% of the job. For example, every evening, like tonight at 10.05pm I am writing my second blog. Blogs are great to keep content up to date and revelant which is hopefully good for your Google rankings.

Today there wasn't much painying going on at all. I fiddled on with some pet portraits that are nearly finished and it had been part of the plan to scan them, but I ran out of time as I was framing. Framing is a tricky job and can be very time consuming.

Then comes the packing of the pet portraits. That can take a while to get them package up ready to go.

After that it's replying to emails, raising invoices oh and maybe tidying my house that seems to be neglected. I am not the world's greatest tidier but it well and truly gets neglected at this time of year with the Christmas rush. Especially when I have a client coming tomorrow. Its got to be semi tidy at least!

So this what a lot of my week is made up of. To make this post a little less boring here is a horse portrait I completed earlier on in the year. I will be staring another double horse paint soon.

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