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More dog portraits...

I am slowly starting to catch up with my pet portrait commissions. It is crazy how a couple of weeks followed by another week due to illness and compassionate leave adds up and how far you can slip behind. I guess it is the only silver lining of not being able to Nordic Walk is I do have extra time to catch up with the pet paintings I have stacking up.

My morning was spent preparing two pet paintings for collection. Both were Jolly Splashes pet portraits and they couldn't be more opposite ends of the spectrum size wise!

Margot and Maggie the double British bulldog painting is A2 in size and the little Cavalier King Charles spaniel is only 8x8 inches. I should have taken a photograph of them side by side to show you! I never thought of that!

I have shared Maggie and Margot in this blog, but as I think they deserve screen I am going to share again on here.

I think I said in my last post it was a real balancing act to make sure they were seen or perceived as white by the viewer while also keeping true to my Jolly Splashes style and having plenty of bright vibrant colours. I'd love to know whether you think I have achieved this or not!

I have also started another dog portrait. This time in pastels of a lovely Minature Schnauzer. I shall post more about her in another blog tomorrow!

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