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Lastest Pet Portraits Fresh Off The Easel.....

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

It's been a bit of a head down week and a crack on with the pet portraits sort of week, when is it not one of those weeks! I am still a little behind, but really want to catch up so I can accept some more pet portrait commissions for Christmas, and whilst I am not Nordic Walking I may as well take advantage of my extra time.

point you in the direction of the guy who has given me and others this information. I won't fill a blog about pet portraits with tales of my feet!! I hope you have stuck with me this far and now I shall move onto the pet portraits you came to read about hahaha!

I think the last pet painting I shared with you was the painting of Max and Tia. Sticking with black dogs or mainly black dog portraits, my next commission is of a gorgeous black lab called Stan.

My client sent me some lovely reference photos to base his portrait on, we looked at both the landscape and portrait options, but as is more traditional we opted for the portrait style. We kept the green background in but removed his bright red collar as I felt it was just a distraction.

Here is the finished portrait. I am really pleased with how he has turned out. I'd love to know what you think.

I have also been working on a huuuuuuuge Jolly Splashes double pet portrait of two gorgeous British Bulldogs Margot and Maggie. The portrait is A2 size which is double A3 or 42x60 cms and I amnot sure what the inch equivalent is, but it is about the largest size painting I would do before going on to deep edge canvas.

I mapped out a little one to get an idea of the colours I would like to use and make sure I was happy with my general idea and then I painted the full size piece. I am not just waiting with baited bteatb to hear back from my client. I really hope he is pleased.

I found it quite tricky to paint the white dogs on this style. Normally jolly splashes pet portraits are painted using bright colours that reflect their coat colours, so for example a black lab I would use purples, blues, greens or magentas. Of course you can request any colours you like for the painting. So for this I wanted to keep all the bright colours in for their portrait but make sure it still reads that they are predominantly white dogs. I hope I have acheived that! I guess my client will let me know. I am rather pleased with it!

Coming up pet portraits wise next is a couple more horse portraits and a beautiful dog portrait of a miniature schnauzer called Bonita. Check back soon!

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