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Jolly Splashes Pet Portraits

Just a quickish blog tonight as I feel absolutely shattered. My trouble is now I am not able to get out Nordic Walking, or even walking my dogs (thank goodness for my best friend!) I am just spending my whole days working and it's making me quite tired! Also I can get a bit stale, so I will have to be careful that I find some way to take breaks from the pet painting side of things.

Swapping between my pastel work and Jolly Splashes pet portraits does help somewhat and I need to start a wildlife painting too, that will really mix it up for me. I o nee to find something else though....probably will end up with some retail therapy on Amazon no doubt!

Anyway talking about Jolly Splashes I have recent completed two small dog portraits. First one is a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the second is the gorgeous Jasmine! I love Jasmine and her crazy ears. I love dogs with crazy ears, like my Maggie!

Here is Jasmine's pet portrait and I love how the colours work with her. I added more splashes and dashes than I normally do to try and emphasise the movement in this photo/pet painting. I am pleased with it and I am just waiting to here back from my client. Hopefully she will like it!

Next up is the gorgeous duo of Maggie and Margot, two English bulldogs! They will be fun as they are going to be rather large at A2 and they are white! Watch this space for details on their painting!

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