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It's Been a While....

Not that long, about a week I guess? How are you all? Keeping well I hope. It's is the season of much frantic work here. My books are pretty full for pet portrait commissions. I have squeezed in a couple of Jolly Splashes Pet Portraits the last two days, but I am really pushing it time wise to do anymore unless I get ahead of myself. Watch this space as I will announce it on my homepage and in a blog is any slots become available for Christmas.

Last week was spent mainly focusing on a really rather gorgeous horse portrait. The handsome chap is a piebald horse, beautiful section type. His sister had Ruby painted by my earlier on in the year. You can see her portrait in the dog pet portraits gallery. Anyway her brother came to me to get a painting done of Pugsley for his partner. Apparently she is totally besotted with him and you can see why! He is a handsome lad.

There were some tweaks to be made to his portrait, the head collar was to be removed and I had to play around a bit with the neck strap, which I ended up removing and also the reins. I luckily had a lot of help from some clever people in my facebook and I am really pleased with how he turned out.

Here is Pugsley's portrait. I think you will agree he is a lovely chap!

Have also been busy working on some Jolly Splashes Pet portraits, did I mention that already. The first one is a triple dog portrait, which I have done a smaller painting of initially as I wanted to make sure I was happy with my basic idea before I put it on the canvas. Which is HUGE. Not quite my largest commission, but not far off. I need to get the small painting scanned in as I only have a rubbish phone photo and it doesn't do the beautiful colours justice. My client wanted purples, magenta and turquoise in it to match the colours in her bespoke wedding dress she had made. How awesome it that! Anyway I think I will do more on these in their own blog post later as I would like to film me painting it if possible. Watch out for that!

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