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Illness and Work.

I think anyone who works for themselves will tell you it's hard when you are your own boss and you aren't well. This is even more so if you are a sole trader, like me. Let's face it, there is no-one else I can ask to paint my pet portraits when I am ill! I would love to be able to delegate but I can't because my clients have come to me as they like my style of pet portraits and even if I could get another artist to fill in for me they most definitely wouldn't look the same! That is another blog post I will write. How to chose the right pet portrait artist.

Anyway what I have been trying to get round to saying is I haven't been well for the last 8 days. Not a bug but a change in meds that has made me feel so sick and tired. I am having to give them some time to settle down, but it's not really changed much to be honest. As today has been slightly better I have realised how bad I have been feeling. I am going to change the time I take them. Which I adjusted slightly today and I hope it will continue to make a difference. There is nothing more debilitating than feeling sick. I'd take a cold over that anytime!

As a result the pet portraits have taken somewhat of a backseat. Not ideal when I have so many pet portrait commissions to do, but hey we can't win them all. If I continue to feel better I should think I will be able tin catch up.

Just to give you some perspective of how rubbish I have been feeling I opted not to watch the Wales V England game today and nap. That is a big thing for me as I am a huge rugby union fan and Wales v England is a game I never miss!

Anyway despite it all I managed to finish Hugo's dog portrait this week and I have to finish framing him ready to send out to my client on Monday. Hugo is a gorgeous St. Bernard. Isn't he handsome?

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