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I am Back!!!

Wow, it really has been a long time since I blogged. So my apologies for that. Things have been frantic with pet portraits, summer holidays, getting ready for a 16 mile half marathon with in an injury which I eventually succumbed too, illness and devastatingly losing a good friend to cancer. I guess it is slightly inevitable something had to give in my time table.

As I say the good news is the pet portraits have still been worked on. I have lots to show you. Most recently finished before I went to Dorset to walk the 16 miles, which as I say was a non event was the gorgeous Charlie. Another Springer Spaniel. I have had quite a lot of these dwelling on my easel recently. I also filmed his pet portrait in porgress, so I will see if I can get that uploaded for you watch too.

So this is the gorgeous Charlie. I has to use a combination of photographs to get his pet portrait how I was happy. One for the pose, one for the colouring of his fur and another for his eyes. Overall I am pleased with how he turned out and his portrait measures 9x9 inches and my client wanted it unframed

Yayyyyy it seems to have worked, to be honest it is a massive file, but I can work round that for next time. I am just excited to have uploaded my first pet portraits time lapse to the website. Happy dance!!

Other pet portraits completed recently was a delightful ginger cat called Henry. He wasn't that deep ginger you often see in ginger cats, it was a softer ginger, more like a strawberry blonde I guess! He is a graduation present to her daughter for completing her PHD, what a lovely gift! And one of the more unusual reasons I have been commissioned to paint a portrait.

I think he is rather handsome and I pleased with how he has turned out. What do you think?

I also have a double springer portrait to show you and I have also started on a double doberman dog painting. That it a big one at 20x16 inches. It is all sketched out ready to go and I hope to make a good start over the weekend. I also need to do some scanning, I have a fun Jolly Splashes piece to add to my collection and my latest dog portrait fresh of the easel of a beautiful australian cattle dog! More on these pet portraits and Jolly Splashes paintings very soon. I am off to chill out a bit now, it's been a long day!

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