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Horse portraits and more.... 

So as you know I have been focusing a lot on the equine side of things of pet portraits. I finished Shannon as you saw and I have been busy framing her pet painting ready to ship, I had hoped to have been able to post tomorrow, but that was thwarted by a poorly guinea pig. Well we thought she was poorly. I can't really refer to her by name as the kids changed it on virtually a daily basis for a while and now she is just referred to as piggie.

We got her out to trim her claws last night and she was making this awful rasping noise a when breathing. That's it I thought she is on the way out. Vets ASAP, but yet strangely she was tempted by a tomato. So despite this death rattle we dhu9ecided to leave it until the morning and we sent her to bed with a delicious uous array of fresh veg. A bit like her last supper if you will. I went on to check on her this morning fully expecting the worst, but there she was, the spritely 7 year old.....still with a small rattle to her breathing. So I decided to give her a bit longer and wait for my friend to come round after wailing to her the piggie is dying last night.

She was later than she had anticipated and piggie was still happy munching oblivious to all our dramas and upset kids. We got her out and nothing. No rattle, nothing.... Totally fine. The only thing that was botheribg her was the fact my chorkie Maggie was trying to groom her and get her to play. She loves everyone and everything!

So piggie is OK and back eating her banquet..... While I struggle to remember the point of this story. Why I didn't post Shannon's pet portrait. So there you go. That's why she is still here!

I guess I better bring it back to the pet paintings a bit and I have also just completed another pet portrait commission. Gorgeous George, another of the equine variety. He is rather handsome isn't he!?

A gift to my clients daughter for her 18th birthday. He won't be framed as my client has decided to arrange that herself. I must admit I am pleased with how he has turned out. Please feel free to let me know what you think of his portrait.

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