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Hello Again 

Sorry I haven't been back much. Things have been crazy here at home. It was half term last week which always makes my time more stretched and as it is the busiest time of year for pet portraits I, I think my blog was the first to get neglected!

I had a big jump in my rankings for pet portraits last week, from page 9 to 6 and then Google rolled out another algorithm and pushed me back down to page 15! This SEO business is hard work to get your head round. Luckily I am not one to give up. I will let the dust settle and do some research into why Google didn't like me. I feel so unloved haha.

I have been mai my working on a very large painting of a coloured horse called Pugsley this week. He is tricky as my client wants bits taken out and bits added. Literally. Bits and bridles. Tricky beasts. However I think today I have made headway with this pet portrait and feel like it is coming together nicely. I will share a photo of him when he is scanned in.

I have been prepping for a huge jolly splashes portrait to of three dogs. They will be going on a large canvas that measures 30x40 inches, but first I need to do my little mock up. I have been trying to get to it all week but with no success. Tomorrow must be the day! Then I can start coating the canvas this weekend with the special watercolour ground.

Phew. I feel out of breath telling you this. So I am off to sleep now. But last but not least I will show my latest pet portrait of Belle and Buddy.

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