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Getting Back To Normal.... 

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

If there is such a thing of course, and I do wonder. If you read my last blog you will be aware I have been struggling with ill health due to new meds the gp put me on. I phoned on Monday and they decided to change them straight away and virtually instantly I have started to feel better. I am not there yet, but hopefully within the next 24/48 hours I will be.

I am getting frantic to try and catch up with all the pet portraits I need to get done. Whilst I have been working on them while feeling ill it hasn't been at my usual speed. Couple with extreme exhaustion and the need to sleep I feel I am about a week behind! I am also out receievung physio tomorrow which is an hour. Doesn't sound a lot but it all adds up!

Pet portraits wise it's all about the dogs at the moment. All spaniels in fact. From cavalier King Charles spaniels to cocker spaniels to springer spaniels. They are one of favourite breeds to paint and I have been known as the spaniel artist before!

I think it started with a gorgeous dog portrait I did of a lovely liver and white spaniel called Finn. From there I just got more and more. I'd love to own a spaniel too but they need a lot of exercise which working full time and juggling the kids makes it hard. However one day I will. For now it's me and the rat pack and my part time spaniel George!

I will update you on these current dog portraits later in the week but for now I am going to share some of my favourite spaniel portraits. The gorgeous Finn's pet portrait can be found on my home page.

Jasper, liver and white springer spaniel pastel pet portrait. Jasper is lying on paving slabs

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