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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I think the fact I have been feeling ill and the loss of a friend about 10 days ago, combined with the chaos of the summer holidays I have found it hard to get my rhythm back and pet portraits have been neglected some what. I do, however, feel like I am getting my mojo back and I have finished three dog portraits that my clients are delighted with. So they will be packed up and framed and sent out in due course. I am also delighted to announce I have mad it the ling way up the two flights of stairs into the sauna room AKA the loft conversion and scanned the finished pieces in for you. Better than those rubbish phone snaps. I may even look at buying a new camera soon. Mine is the canon 7d and it is a fabulous camera, but I feel I am due an upgrade now. I'd love a new body and a new lens. I think I may have to treat myself in the coming months. Obviously a decent camera is essential to my business, for photographing completed pet portraits that are too big for my scanner. Mostly Jolly Splashes pet portraits on deep edge canvas or photographing my models!

Anyway, I must stop talking about buying myself presents, I mean essential work items and get back to the blog!

So the most recently finished pet portrait is of a double spaniel portrait, or spanners as I like to fondly call them. Do you have nick names for the breed you own? My Jack Russell Terrier is called my terrorist haha.

My client wanted the two dogs removed from the garden they are sitting in and moved closer together with a scottish heather background. Here is the finished dog portrait.

I have also been working on two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but I want to find the images my client sent me of all the pet portraits I have painted for him hanging together. Minus the new two. He works with a rescue and gets a lot of them painted. I do believe that these are the 6th and 7th portrait I have painted for him. I must have a good search for the photo as it is lovely to see all the paintings together.

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