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Pet Portraits and frame choices....

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This blog will hopefully give you a bit more of an insight into framing your pet portrait. If you choose to have it framed by me or take this information and use it with your local framer, I am just glad to give you a little advice along the way. Of course the beauty of taking your pet painting to a framer is you can match frames and mounts to the pet portrait right in front of you whereas if I do it you don't get that option. However I know most of the framing options available and can guide you. I haven't had anyone disappointed with a frame I have chosen yet.

The trick in framing pet portraits or any piece of artwork is really to pick a frame that suits the artwork rather than the decor of your house. You may change the decor of your house at some point. Whereas hopefully your pet portrait and frame will be a happy couple for life!

I normally mount my pet portraits with double off white mount as it works for everything, it is a great option if you are not sure and it is what I would do if framing for an exhibition or gallery.

It is a lovely mount. I don't like ice white, it is too stark. This is just very subtly off white with a nice texture to it. Great choice mount.

Here you can see I have had two clients choose different coloured mounted for their pet portraits. Max and Tia had a green double mount. The top mount was a light green with a darker green mount underneath. It complimented the green in the portrait perfectly, but the double white would have worked also.

Hopefully you can see it OK. It is a subtle green and that is why it works. If it was the dark for the top mount I think it would have over powered the frame and pet portrait, particularly as the frame is a light one.

Seren's portrait was framed to match a previous horse portrait they had done. I couldn't get an exact match with the frame and mount, but I think they work well. The frame they chose is a popular moulding for pet portraits and I order it quite regularly.

I finished Joe's portrait the other day and he was framed in a more contemporary frame. It is a frame that suits many pet portraits and is quite often selected by clients. You can see Joe's completed portrait here and below is a couple of close ups of his frame

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