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Double Doberman Dog Portrait, Max and Tia

I was approached to paint this gorgeous pairs portrait earlier on in the summer.

Their owner loved the photo of them sitting together, which I have based their pet portrait on, however the background was a bit fussy and not very nice. A bush and a gate. I had been sent another photo of them with a bracken covered hill and a lake in the background. We decided to use the photo of the two dogs and the other image for the background. I tweaked the background slightly and added in the sky just the break up the pinky brown of the bracken behind and add another spot of interest. It also helps the composition by keeping the eye flowing round the painting and not running off the edge.

This has been one of my trickier pet portraits for a while I have to admit! I love a challenge though. I really felt it went through a longer uglier stage than normal and for a long time I really wasn't happy with how the background was working out. It really felt to me, it only came together at the last minute. I had to really struggle not to restart the piece. I am glad I didn't and I hope my client feels the same. I have scanned their portrait in and email it to her. Just waiting to hear back. Keeping my fingers crossed! Even after all these years it is still nerve wracking emailing over the pet portraits to my clients for final approval!

Max and Tia, Double Doberman Pastel Dog Portrait. 20x16 inches painted on pastelmat.

I have to say I feel pretty tire after painting this! Anyway my work schedule is all sorted for tomorrow. It is back to the pastel pet portraits, with a horse commission and a another black lab called Stan! I do love my black lab pet portrait commissions, I think they come a close second to my springer spaniel portraits!

I also have been working on ideas for a double bulldog portrait in my Jolly Splashes style. Oh and George and Shannon were both posted today too! Busy, busy!

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