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I hate to mention the C word, we haven't even had Halloween yet have we! The reason I mention it is because I am afraid I am fully booked for pet portraits now. It gets earlier each year with enquiries for pet portrait commissions for the festive season starting as early as August. Now it is time for me to get my head down and get all these pet paintings produced so hopefully I can make some people very happy on Christmas Day. I will spend it recovering as I have usually finished the last pet painting Christmas Eve as inevitably someone in the village will want one too and they will be the last to be finished.

I have been working a few commissions as you know. I recently finished Sam's Portrait and I a really large double dog portrait in my Jolly Splashes style of two British Bulldogs, Margot and Maggie.

I have started another double dog portrait in pastels of two dogs called Belle and Budy. My client is local to me and will be collecting. Please don't forget when you commission me if you would like to come to me to collect your pet painting you are more than welcome to do so.

I have also been busy been framing Max and Tia's portrait, an that is a task. Framing is always a tricky business. especially the larger they are. As much as I try I always seem to get a pesky spec of dust caught between the mount an glass! Drives me mad, so I open it up, remove that an then another appears. It is enough to sen you over the edge. Sometimes, but very rarely one will be framed so easily it is amazing and I can't believe my luck, but not often enough! I have to say though, they do look gorgeous in their frame.

I feel this blog needs a photo so I am sharing my very latest pet portrait of the gorgeous Bonita that is on her way to Spain as we speak. A lovey minature schnauzer who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year. I hope her owners are delighted with her painting.

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