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Catching a breath.... 

Feels impossible right now. It really is Christmas Commission Crunch time. I have been ploughing through the pet portraits and haven't really had a chance to come and update my blog.

I had my client come and collect Luna's portrait on the weekend. She wanted a few adjustment made so unfortunately I didn't get time to scan the final version of the portrait. Needless to say she was delighted with it, which is fantastic.

I seem to mainly working on black dogs. My current easel dwellers are a black labrador portrait and a black cocker spaniel portrait and I have just finshed a gorgeous greyhound dog portrait, Erin.

I am really pleased with how this turned out despite the fact I had a bit of a blurry photo to work from and there was quite a bit I had to fill in as my client and I agreed that her collar was quite distracting. It resulted in me googling some greyhound images to help. The background was also changed from the reference photos as it wwas some unattractive scrub land. So all in all there was quite a deviation from the original reference photo.

I am planning, all being well, to nordic walk tomorrow to clear my head as I need to have a bit of a break and collect my thoughts for the next onslaught!

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