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Back to the time lapse.... 

So finally after much conjecture, procrastination and so on I finally had a tidy up of my studio and a managed to start a time lapse of my current pet portrait. Another dog portrait of another gorgeous springer spaniel. I have forgotten how much I 3njou watching these come together and it adds a fun spin to producing the pet portraits.

I use the most basic equipment. My tripod and my old s7 Samsung phone. Not even mu current s9. I'd rather stream music through that Hahaha. Seriously though. I find the s7 is enough for what I want. I do want to improve my set up eventually but it is something I will gradually look into and will involve a better laptop and all sorts.

I use a great little app I downloaded for the time lapse. It is called Time Spirit. It has all the basic functions I would want on it. I can tell it how often I want it to take a photo, I can zoom in and out. Dim my screen to save battery power and probably other features I haven't even looked at yet!

Now all I need to do is work out how to add a clip to this blog! And when it is finished I can upload the progress of the whole pet portrait!

Bear with me while I do and in the meantime perhaps I shall share a Jolly Splashes Pet portrait.

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