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Back in the swing of things and Springer Spaniel Dog Portrait

As the title says. I always find it hard to get back to it after a break. A break here at home (who am I kidding, that never happens!) doesn't seem to affect me, but the act of going away and it is a whole new ball game! Haha. I have been very tired and in considerable pain with my plantar fasciitis which hasn't helped. If you have suffered with Plantar issues you will understand the pain I am talking about. It is so debilitating. I have been doing so many exercises to try and help it, from calf stretches, to picking up marbles with my toes to rolling my foot over a tennis ball. Finally, touch wood, it seems to be making a slight difference!

Anyway back to the pet portraits. I am juggling a few at the moment, but I have most recently finished Betsy's dog portrait. Isn't she gorgeous with those long silky spaniel ears! I love her and my client is delighted with her pet portrait. It was a gift voucher purchased at Christmas last year and this is the end result. My clients have opted to get her portrait framed themselves. I hopefully will get to see her all framed up and on the wall.

Also on my other easel! I have a beautiful horse portrait. I will share more on her pet portrait when it has passed the ugly stage all pet portraits seem to go through, but of course in the mean time you can view other horse portraits in my gallery

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