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Australian Cattle Dog Portrait

So I think I may hvae mentioned before, in all the years I have been creating pet portraits I hadn't had an Australian Cattle dog commission. I love their colouring and I love all working breeds so they were definitely on my list to want to paint. You can then imagine my delight when I got a double dog portrait commission of Bundy and Breaker you can see them in this blog post https://www.sarahleighfineart.co.uk/post/new-blog

And view them in my dog portraits gallery too amongst other pet portraits. It wasn't the best photo I had to work from, but ultimately I was delighted with how their portrait turned out.

So to get my second commission made my year! This ACD, yes that's right, the intitials for Australian Cattle Dog, which can be also known as Blue Heelers. She had an out of focus green background behind her which I decided to keep in her pet painting as it worked well. There is strong light coming on from the right creating dark shadows on the left and washing her out on the right. I have tried to soften out that contrast in the portrait and I am waiting to hear what my client thinks. It will be easy enough to change if she would like. This to me is the beauty of pastel pet portraits. The piece measures 10x8 inches and my client would like to get it framed herself.

Anyway here below is the beautiful ACD's pet portrait

I also managed to do something not pet portraits related. It was a Jolly Spalshes painting, another small one to add to my range. I have been trying to paint a highland cow, or hairy coo I am pleased with for ages, years actually. Finally I have one I am happy with. Miss Hairy Coo. I have used my more popular colour combination to create her portrait, I think these work delightfully together. I think they came about from Lawsey the giraffe.

Next on my list is a peacock, not quite sure how it would come together, but I have a few ideas and I need to have a play with some colours and compositions. Watch this space. Anyway please welcome Miss Hairy Coo to the Jolly Splashes family.

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