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And This is why I love being a pet portrait artist

Well who wouldn't love painting all these gorgeous pet portraits all day, bringing memories and beloved pets to life. I really do have the best job! I am sure most other pet portrait artists would agree with me on that front.

This week and last the focus has been on the horse portraits again as I mentioned in my blog yesterday. I have completed the gorgeous pastel painting of Shannon today and I am waiting to here back from the owner as to what she thinks. It is a surprise for her husband, they not so long ago lost Shannon, so hopefully this will go some way to easing the pain of their loss

Below you can see the Shannon's pet painting. I chose a lighter colour background as I didn't want it to compete with her or her to get lost in the background as she is a dark bay. I think it works well and I am delighted with how her portrait has turned out as it wasn't really the best reference photo.

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