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Melting Point.....

I reached it earlier this week! It is when the perks of being a pet portrait artist and being able to work for myself really becomes worthwhile. I don't envy anyone who had to work last Wednesday and Thursday in the crazy heat, especially if you had to commute in and out of London. You have my deepest sympathy.

I chose to work in the morning and nap in the afternoon. Luckily my bedroom is fairly cool even in the crazy heat. Good for myself and my dogs. I have to say Luke was struggling quite a bit on Thursday, so the storms overnight were welcome, despite my severe lack of sleep! Normally I resent the rain in the summer, but we all enjoyed our walk in it today, no-one complained about getting wet!

It has been a good week on the pet portraits front. Baiza and Morton's dog portraits were delivered to my client successfully in London by Hubby, who kindly battled the heat on Thursday to get them up there. Cruz's portrait was delivered, albeit being a day late, safely. It was slightly embarrassing as that happened last time, but it did mean it arrived on the anniversary and my clients recipient was over the moon with the painting of him, so all was well in the end!

I started a new pet portrait, the Handsome Henry. I have never painted a British Bulldog portrait before so I have been super excited for this pet portrait commission. You just want to smoosh his face. This is a very special dog, who was by his owners side throughout her cancer treatment and subsequent all clear. They clearly have a very deep bond and like all my pet portraits, really wanted to make sure my client had the best portrait possible and that their character shines.

I loved every second of this painting and I am even more delighted with how he turned out. The pet painting is in my usual pastel on pastelmat and measures 11x11 inches. My client chose to have it unframed.

Meet the gorgeous Henry!

Henry, british bulldog pet portrait in pastels

I also completed a trio of modern pet portraits in my Jolly Splashes style. The lady who commissioned the great dane in the same style wanted her three dogs painted too. She wanted them in specific colours and I think you will agree they work well. She is going to send me a phtograph when they are framed and on the wall, but for the time being please see the scans of the pet portraits below.

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