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Recent Pet Portraits and other stuff!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a few days, each night this week I have thought I ought to, but when it got down to it I was far too tired, and then my son came down with a really nasty virus which knocked him for six and has made working on any pet portrait commissions a little hard, but sometimes life throws you lemons! The good news is he is feeling much better. His temperature has come right down and he is now moaning he is bored and we are getting all the lip again! Always a good sign. I think most parents will appreciate what I am talking about there haha!

I am still waiting for my blood results. I had hoped they would be in today, but nothing yet. Hopefully not tomorrow, I'd rather wait until after the weekend now, but I bet they will come in now I have said it! I did however managed to get out Nordic walking, which was a welcome escape after the intense few days I had working on my most recent two pastel pet portraits and not being able to get out Monday as I had to get my bloods done. We walked around a lovely area in Kent called Chiddingstone, and we had a lovely stop in the village tea rooms, where I had scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast. It was amazing I have to say, the best I have had and very generous portions too!

The pet paintings I worked on earlier in the week were two beautiful dog portraits. They are stunning golden retrievers, one who is a much darker golden than the other. Almost a red colour. His name is Morton, the other one, the paler one is Bazia. My client is coming over form the Middle East on business and we need to arrange to meet him in London so we can hand them over as he is only in the country for a few days, so there was no room to move on the timings. Now all that is left to do is get them framed, I will be doing that over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow I will be finishing off another pastel dog portrait of a border collie, and then it is back to my modern style pet portraits, with four 6x6 inch dog portraits. Then next week I have lots more to be getting on with. Busy, busy. I am not complaining as I love my job as a pet portrait artist, and I love doing my pet portrait commissions!

Below is Morton

And here is Bazia's portrait painting

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