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Recent goings on and Pet Portraits of course!

It's been a varied week or so with things going on in my life. As you know it has recently been about the modern pet portraits, Jolly Splashes and the portrait of Dingo and then on to a pastel horse portrait. This week the mix between the two will continue. I have 3 watercolour pet portraits to complete. I did one for her a few weeks a go as a gift for her friend of a her great dane that recently passed on, and now she wants dog portraits of her 3.

What a gorgeous boy he was, and my client was delighted with his portrait.

So back to the pastel pet portraits and what is on my easel today. I have two beautiful dog portraits to paint. Both are golden retrievers and rather than being together in the same painting, my client has opted for two separate ones, with matching frames. I have started on the first one who has a much darker coat than his fur brother. I am really enjoying these portraits and there will be more on them soon.

I managed to frame Cruz's horse portrait and he looks beautiful in his gold guilt frame. He has now been popped away ready to be posted next week.

There has been a few bits going on personally wise, I am having to hav

e a series of tests done as my hormone levels are all out of whack. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it soon and is it creating havoc with me mentally. I haven't mentioned it before, but I suffer badly from anxiety and depression and I will touch on it again in my blog posts as I think it is so important to talk about these things. Awareness is so important, and if I can help one person by mentioning it then I will be delighted. It has taken me many years to be able to talk about it, but I am so glad I can.

In other news poor Maggie had her boosters today. She wasn't best pleased about them I have to say and she is showing her displeasure with me! The good news is she didn't have an allergic reaction like last time. That is a weight off my mind. She looked so sad and poorly, it was horrible to see.

Tomorrow is a full day of painting and I might show you some sneak peaks of the current pet portraits I am working on.

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