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Latest Pet Portraits...

It's been a mix of traditional, realistic pet portraits and my more modern pet portraits this week.

Most of it has been taken up with a beautiful bay horse portrait and his owner. It is a memorial piece that is going to be gifted on the anniversary of his death. A beautiful thing to do for a friend. It will be a very emotional day I am sure. I just hope my painting will bring her years of fond memories of the handsome Cruz.

My pet portrait commissions are mainly gifted for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, but also wedding gifts and also people like to commission them for themselves. I often find they are the gift people by someone who is hard to buy for. So if you have run out of ideas why don't you commission a pet portrait.

My newly released Jolly splashes, my contemporary twist on pet portraits at3porovi g popular and my latest piece was finally scanned today. The beautiful Dingo. Dingo is a she and her Dad is Australian if you couldn't guess from her name! You can read more about the process of this gorgeous dog portrait here.

Below is the final scan of her portrait here. I love how the colours have turned out and I really think you can say it is a unique and modern pet portrait style!

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