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Jolly Splashes, Modern twist....

It had been bugging me for a long time that I constantly got wrapped up in detail with my pastel pet portraits. Don't get me wrong, I love detail, I crave detail and creating realistic pet portraits , but sometimes it is fun to let loose. I couldn't with the pastels so I tried with watercolours and Jolly Splashes was born. It started with wildlife first and then moved on to pet portraits. My style has changed over the last 3 years, but I am trying to keep that looser style and avoid getting to 'tight' again.

I definitely think there is a market for modern pet portraits, bright colours on deep edge canvas. I think people love something that is a little different. Not everyone. There will always be a big place for the more traditional pet portraits, that is what my pastels bring you, but Jolly Splashes offer a choice, contemporary pet portraits. Please pop over to my page dedicated to Jolly Splashes to see the paintings I have done in this style so far. I have only been offering them as pet portraits since just before Christmas 2018 so I haven't done a huge amount, but I am beginning to get regular enquiries and commissions for them. As my portfolio grows I would like to expand my information on them on this website.

Here is my latest pet portrait commission in the Jolly Splashes style. A gorgeous spaniel. I love painting their curly ears and the reference photograph was gorgeous. Gave me lots of inspiration for the colours to use in this dog portrait.

This portrait is a smaller one on watercolour paper, you can find the prices for both canvas and paper here.

Above you can see where I have lightly sketched out the outline drawing. You don't want it too heavy as watercolour isn't opaque and won't cover the lines. I tend not to worry too much as then pen outline can cover some, but generally you want as little shwoing as possible.

Next is thewatercolour stage. This is now going to be left to dry overnight, and I will return to this portrait at some point tomorrow. I will then decide if it needs any white bits picking out with acrylic paint and also add the the black pen. When I am happy I will then scan it.

Unfortunately the colours in this modern pet portrait are not done justice by a phone photograph. Tomorrow after it has been scanned you will be able to see the true vibrancy.

I decided this morning after revisiting this gorgeous modern dog portrait he would definitely need some acrylic highlights, but first I needed to add the pen outline to him. You can see from this photograph where I have started.

The rest will have to wait for you to see after I have scanned it in tomorrow, my phone is really playing up with photos, and the beauty and vibrancy of the colours really don't show in these images.

Instead if you want you can see a couple of photos of me working on this contemporary pet portrait in my studio. My daughter very kindly snapped them for me as I have very few images of myself working. It always nice to see the artist at work!

Below you can read what one of my clients had to say about my modern pet portraits, Jolly Splashes after he received his pet portrait of his dog Filou.

"aroline was really happy with her present. There were a few tears as we've only lost him in March but we're both so happy with it. It's joyful, really captures him at his maddest and that day was great fun for everyone. It's also very well mounted and it's now in its place for all to see. Also thanks to Richard for the personal delivery. All in all, I look forward to see how that side of your art develop and it might not be the last time we get a commission."

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