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Slowly But Surely......

My website is getting there. I am sorry if you are visiting and it is not complete. I am working full time on pet portrait commissions, so I am only getting snatches here and there in the evening. Anyway I thought the least I can do is keep popping up fairly regular blog posts, so that if anyone does stumble across my website in the the depths of google they will see that it is live, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth mid-way through building it or anything sinister like that! So Hi there if you are reading this, it's the beginning of July 2019 and I am open for commissions, I paint pet portraits from photos and I would love to paint yours!!

I have had a bit of a slow start to the week really, but I need a good kick up the proverbial now! I have a lot of work to get done for the middle of this month. First up is a large horse portrait. A beautiful horse called Cruz who I had the honour to paint towards the end of last year.

Horse portrait in pastels of a bay horse jumping over a fence with poppy fields in the background

Above you can see this handsome chaps portrait. This time, however I am painting him with his human friend. It is not often I paint human portraits, much prefer animals, to apint and in real life! So it will be a fun challenge I am looking to get started with. Again it will be a pastel portrait and it is all sketched out ready for me to start work.

I also have a border collie dog portrait to start. I love broder collies, such intelligent, good looking dogs. One of my favourite dog portraits of all time was of a beautiful Blue Merle border collie called Charlie. You can see his pastel portrait below.

Pastel pet portrait of a beautiful blue merle border collie.

Beautiful isn't he? I shall be looking forward to painting a border collie again! I will try and do a bit of an in depth blog on his portrait if I can. I also need to remember to get some phtoographs for the website. General bits and pieces, framed portraits, perhaps a photo of myself working on a pet portrait, just some photographs to scatter throughout the website to break up the text and add some interest. I will rope my daughter in to help me with that. Hopefully soon it will feel like I have broken the back of the website.

I need to add all my images to the galleries, finish off price lists and how to go about commissioning a pet portrait and an all about section on the Jolly Splashes side of things and I will feel like I am almost done!

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