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Just one of those weeks.....

We all get them right? Only I have been saying it all year so far hahaha, Hoping that it my luck may change. OK it could be worse luck, it's more that irritating bad luck. A gaggle of unlucky nuisances, a cluster.....cluster *insert rude word* I bet you can guess! We are at the mid way point of 2019 so I am hopeful it could do a full 360 degree swing and I am going to get a cluster of lucky things instead. I will let you know.

The most annoying thing this week was painting pet portraits from photos, the wrong photo! Arrrghhhh I can't say I have ever done that before in my career! I guess it is what happens when you are stressed and rushed. Mistakes will happen. But never painted a pet portrait from the wrong photo! I have painted a portrait in the wrong medium before. Graphite instead of pastel, but I repeat, not the wrong photo hahaha!

There is nothing I can do but repaint the gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier. I have already made a start. I don't know what I will do with the painting. I may keep it as an example of my dog portraits to take to any future shows. I haven't done any for 2 years due to my ill health. Severe anxiety and depression. Maybe next year. I would love to, but it's baby steps at the moment and my mental health always has to come first.

Here is the scan of the 'wrong' portrait. I am actually quite pleased with Taffy's portrait. The photos weren't of the best quality and there was an awful lot of detail missing. Luckily being the owner of a Jack myself I can use him to help fill in the details. I don't tend to try and go too overboard though, more focus on tone and the suggestion of detail if the reference photos are tricky.

Here is the scan of the finished portrait. For the correct one it isn't a hugely different pose and the background will be the same. He will be framed in a lovely dark wood frame. As soon as he is framed I will take a photograph for you to see.

I think this dog portrait of Taffy has a very traditional feel about it and I think he almost looks regal. Hopefully the second and correct version will turn out as well. I will update you on it!

In other news this week I lead my first Nordic Walk. I was so nervous, but thankfully it went fairly well, despite being chased by a bull and running for fear of my life! Well probably not as extreme as that, but it sure felt like it when it was happening. I certainly can think of better things to do in the Kent countryside other than being chased by a bull! I walked tonight and did the loop for the walk I am leading around the Chevening estate. Chevening house is a beautiful house set in the Kent countryside and we are lucky enough to live on top of the North Downs and be able to do various walks that include stunning views of this house, including the Keyhole.

Anyway, please check back soon for the repainted portrait of Taffy!

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