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Recent Pet portraits

I have to say the last few days have been absolutely crazy, what with fitting in work, helping my daughter with her broken arm and general day to day existing! I have to say I have kept my sanity levels quite well l, mainly due to my nordic walking. I am so lucky to live in Kent and be able to my green exercise in such a beautiful county. Green exercise is basically exercise done outside in nature and it is supposed to be amazing for you. I know it certainly helps keep me on a level playing field with my anxiety. There are lots of other beautiful counties I would love to walk in, Cumbria, Somerset or Cornwall, but I think sometimes we have to remember what beauty we have sitting on our own doorstep and Kent is certainly beautiful. 

As you probably appreciate I have been busy keeping up with deadlines for my pet portraits and so haven't manged to talk in detail about my current pet portrait. I will have to do that in a later blog with a new piece, so I have instead decided to do a round up of my recently completed pet portraits 

Coco, dog portrait 16x12 inches. 

This gorgeous dog is the most recent dog portrait hot off my easel. She is going to be a wedding present to the groom from the bride. She wanted the background in the poetrait as it is a place they regularly walk Coco and it is one of their favourite places. I am always happy to paint backgrounds in my pet portraits so please just ask me.  

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