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My Chaotic Life....

Well I hadn't planned my week to turn out the way it did. It was a fantastic start to the week. I had the approval to frame Pixie a dog portrait I had completed the week before, finished the gorgeous Ruby sitting in the bluebells and started and finished Digby the black lab dog portrait. Then bam. My daughter breaks her arm at school. I get a call whilst I am at the vets with Maggie, who was getting her boosters. So of I toddle to the school with lite dog under my arm to collect her. I didn't know it was broken at that time, but certainly knew a visit to minor injuries was required!

Three hours later I had my worst fears confirmed. Proximal Humerus fracture. For those who don't have a clue that's I a break just below the shoulder joint. No cast, can't so is I just in a sling and an appointment at the fracture clinic has been made for two weeks time. She was so brave, I can't imagine the laing she must be in she was also teahter chuffed she could tell her brother, who has always been proud to say he has been the only one to break a bone out of the two of them! Kids, they will turn anything into a competition.

I returned to my poor little Maggie feeling rather sorry for herself after her boosters, so that required a quick turn around to the vets, where she was just presumed to be having a a mild reaction to them. I hated seeing her like that, she looked so sad. From there I didn't feel it could be much worse until Ruby, the doberman dog portrait hadn't turned up when it should Friday. Ahhhhhh. They weren't wrong when they say things come in threes!

Today has started off with things getting slowly back in track. Maggie is back to her normal bouncy self, Nicola is in slightly less pain and the parcels turned up at their destinations! I just need to catch up from the loss of working time. But family always comes first!

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