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Welcome Back to Sarah Leigh Fine Art

So I really thought it was about time I resurrected Sarah's Pet Portraits sister website. I built this a few years ago to showcase some of my other work, as well as my pet portraits. I want to have the two running as I think it is good to have as much exposure as possible and also one that covers my pet portraits and wildlife work in equal detail. I want to learn about SEO in greater detail and see if I can work my site up the organic google rankings and also increase exposure for my new style pet portraits, Jolly Splashes watercolours, or rainbow pet portraits as they often get referred to.

I think as the title of my website suggests it will cover all aspects of my art, from my wildlife work to my pet portraits to my more contemporary style, whereas Sarah's Pet Portraits is pretty much what it says on the tin!

I have plans to add a shop to this website, do regular blogs on my work in progress, maybe even some of my day to day life if you are interested anything else related to my artwork. I really hope you will take the time to visit this site, if it does ever get hign enough up the search engines to ever be viewed! I love a challenge so let's see what happens. I certainly don't expect to happen over night, long term maybe 2-3 years to get into the top 3 or 4 pages maybe. Let's see. We shall mark this blog as the start of the new website and see what progress it makes from this date.

First thing I need to do is pick my key words, i.e the words you would chose to find this sort of site if you were looking for an artist. There are the obvious ones like pet portraits, pet paintings, wildlife artist, watercolour artist and so on, but often the most obvious ones are the hardest ones to get a good ranking in the organic searches. Anyway I think you get the idea and I won't bore you anymore. Just have a good nose around an enjoy my artwork!

Sarah x

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